Corporate Policy

The mission of TigTech s.r.o. is to maintain and further strengthen its position as a reliable, competitive and highly specialized supplier in the field of mechanical engineering which can satisfy requirements of its customers. The corporate policy is based on the Code of Ethics and the company's strategy and it is especially developed in the following fields:

Relation to the values and company's development

We especially pay attention to reaching the stability and improving the quality of our services and products using the process-oriented quality system in all our processes. We create the quality system and improve it so that it is a permanent process. We emphasize continuous improvement of all management processes, improvement of our employees' knowledge, use of the state-of-the-art knowledge in HR management and production cycle management. We increase the responsibility for creating conditions for further development of our company and corporate culture by which we set the attitude to quality of all activities performed for the benefit of our customers in the binding manner.

Relationship to customers

In building relationships with customers, we focus on long-term and mutually beneficial collaboration. We provide services and products with consequent service at the highest possible quality in relation to the price and customer's requirements for their full satisfaction. Customer's requirements always come first in the management decision-making process. We prefer increasing mutual trust by introducing the management to each other and preferring personal negotiation. We build a loyalty programme for permanent customers, meet the customer's requirements with the emphases on as accurate statement of parameters of contracts as possible and obtaining objective and complete information.

In relation to safety and health protection at work

Safety and health protection of employees forms an integral part of all activities of our comapny and is of the highest achievable priority. We strive for protection of health and safety of our employees by regular education and training in the field of H&S and guide our employees to the responsibility for their own health as well as the health of co-workers. We will further strive for minimizing potential risks at workplaces by their reviews. We will further do our best to apply working procedures and introduce new machines and devices with the highest possible protection of health of our employees.

In relation to the safety of information at the company

We undertake to adhere to the valid provisions of all legal regulations, i.e. laws, directives and regulations related to the safety of information so that processed information is sufficiently protected from unauthorized handling, is always available to all the parties which should have access to it, and ensure the administration of information to prevent any breach of integrity of such information. We undertake to ensure conformity with contractual requirements of customers with regard to the protection of information and eliminate information safety risks by suitable measures.

In relation to employees

We establish fair relationships with our employees because we know performance and good reputation of the company are based on the quality of its employees. We develop the sense of solidarity with the company, support the team spirit and participation of employees in the life of the company. We develop the sense of loyalty to the company in employees, support the team spirit and participation of employees in life of the company. We set a favourable wage policy with regard to the fulfilment of the planned tasks and achieving adequate quality and savings in the production and terms. We support an open constructive dialogue, increase professional level of employees' knowledge at all levels. We create conditions for positive attitudes of all employees to the questions of quality and environmental protection. We minimize the effect of technologies on health of people and support employees' sense of responsibility for safety at work and protection of their own health.

In relation to suppliers

We build quality cooperation with subcontractors and collaborate in mutual development of relationships. We put emphasis on the collection of sub-contract at the best possible quality in relation to price.

In relation to the owners

We put emphasis on reducing the production costs and generating reasonable profit for our owner.