CSN EN ISO 3834-2:2006

Our company is a holder of certification in the field of welding according to ČSN EN ISO 3834-2:2006 - Requirements for the quality of welding of metal materials - Part 2: Higher quality requirements

Welding is considered a special process whose result can always be verified by testing after finishing the welding. Welded joint quality should therefore be ensured during production and not by testing the finished product. The welding process management according to ČSN EN ISO 3834-2:2006 ensures that the quality of welded joints in the final product meets the specified criteria.

Benefits of the gained quality management system certification in welding processes

  • proving the commitment to the fulfilment of statutory requirements and requirements of regulations with the emphasis on those parts of the quality system assurance that relate to the management of welding as a "special process".
  • guarantee of welding production process stability and thus the stable and high quality of provided services and products to customers
  • proof of the suitability, efficiency and effectiveness of the built quality management system by a third independent party
  • improvement of management system and the organisational structure of the company
  • improvement of cleanliness and efficiency in the whole company, especially in welding processes
  • optimisation of costs - reducing the operating costs, costs for non-conforming products, savings in raw materials, energies and other resources
  • higher trust of the public and state authorities in the manufacturer ensuring welding processes