3D measurement

Since the quality is important to us, in 2015 we invested in the acquisition of the new GANTRY COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE WENZEL LH 87 X3M-3D CNC (including the scanning head), which is the market leader in the industry.

Portálový souřadnicový měřicí stroj Wenzel LH 87 X3M-3D CNC


The axis measuring range is X:800mm, Y:1500mm, Z:700mm
Load-bearing capacity of the machine is 1000kg
Scanning head PH 10M
Measuring probe TP 200
Scanning probe SP 25M/SM2
Software Quartis R10 and Metrosoft CM 3.110
Maximum permissible deviation of indication MPEE = 1.9µm+(L/300.mm)


We will provide you with clear REPORTING of alphanumerical, graphical and colour maps of deviations. All measured points and results are stored for possible calculations and statistical evaluation.

grafická mapa

měrový protokol

grafická mapa